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New contraband: Rope
:''For more information on Attack Power, see [[Toughness]].''
Tools are the most troublesome forms of contraband your prison can hold. Tools can be used by your prisoners to dig [[Escape Tunnel]]s or to climb over walls whenever the [[Danger]] level of the prison is too high. Again, non-violent prisoners who fear for their lives will almost always try to dig an escape tunnel to freedom. Jail Keys can also be used by prisoners during a riot as a quick escape attempt. This can be prevented by manually locking entrance doors to foot traffic. Most tools are made out of metal and therefore easy to detect by a metal detector. Keep in mind that some tools can be used as weapons, so try to keep prisoners happy and the demand for tools won't be so high.
'''Note:''' Recharge times are based on in-game time, not real time.
* Can be stolen from the [[Forestry]].
| Unknown Usage. {{vn}}
| style="text-align:center;" | [[File:Placeholder.png|75px]]<br>'''Rope'''
* Tool
* Improvised
*''Not a Weapon''
* Can be stolen from the [[Laundry]].
| Can be used to climb fences and walls by multiple prisoners.

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