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Barbed Wire

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|name=Metal DetectorBarbed Wire
|image=[[File:Barbed Wire.png]]
[[File:Barbed Wire 1.png|thumb|320px|Barbed Wire placed on the fence and walls]]
Barbed Wire is an object that can be placed by [[Workman|workmen]] on the outer [[Materials#Walls|walls]] and [[fence|fences]]. It slows down and hurt [[prisoner|prisoners]] who are trying to climb over the walls. The only way for prisoner to not take any damage from barbed wire is by climbing an adjacent [[tree]] and jumping from it. <br/>Badly injured prisoners may get unconscious or even die on them. {{vn}}
Escaping prisoners will try to avoid walls and fences with barbed wire and try to get to those without it or look for a better way to escape such as [[escape_Tunnel|tunneling]] or destroying [[Doors#Jail_Door|jail doors]] and [[Road Gate|gates]]. They also won't try to get over them when [[guard|guards]] and [[sniper|snipers]] are around unless the situation is advantageous (fight or [[riot]] nearby, not enough of guards.
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