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[[Guard]]s will find any contraband if they actively search the prisoner carrying it or his contraband hiding places in his cell. They may also search the items possibly used to smuggle contraband (e.g. kitchen ingredients). This may be done manually by the player, automatically through [[Policy]] upon any misconduct of the prisoner, or for a whole prison at once using the [[Shakedown]] Emergency Action to clean up the whole prison. However, doing this will piss off your prisoners, so use it sparingly.
The effectiveness of searches depends on the staff morale. If the guard performing a search is pissed of off because his [[needs]] are not fulfilled, he is more likely to miss contraband during a search than otherwise.
The [[Intelligence]] menu will help you to prevent prisoners from obtaining contraband. In the Dangers view you will get an overview which rooms of your prison are a source of contraband, so you can take according measures. In the -24 Hours and -7 Days you will see which contraband you found where recently and how it came in, so you spot your weaknesses. In the Informants view you may see the current positions of hidden contraband items within your prison, as well as arranged spots for throw-ins, depending on the coverage of your prison by [[Confidential Informant]]s and [[Phone Tap]]s.