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Your guards will try to take confirmed cases to the infirmary for cure. Some inmates will go to the infirmary themselves, but only when they are let out their cells.
The number of infected prisoners will be displayed in your [[Todo List|to-do list]]. The actual prisoners will show an unhealthy skin colour.
This will not happen to small prisons with less than 100 prisoners.
You discover that several inmates at your prison (between 7 and 10) are federal witnesses in an upcoming prosecution. Unfortunately, somebody has put a price on their heads and they will all be assassinated in the next few hours.
Find out who they are (using your Confidential Informants), and get them moved to [[Prisoner#Risk Category|Protective Custody]]. Once the timer in the [[User Interface#To-do List|to-do Todo list]] hits zero, they will all leave the prison to attend the court hearing, and will not return (most likely living out their lives in federal witness protection, holding their breath every time they start their cars).
Be aware that allowing too many deaths is a [[Failure Conditions|failure condition]] in the [[sandbox]] game.
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