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== Trivia ==
* There's several contraband items that are not in the game, but are in the sprite bank. These items may have been removed for any reason or had been intended for future implementation: Shovel (Two handed), Fire extinguisher, Boom Mic, AK-47, Cup, Cleaning belt, Welding mask, Sledgehammer, Pneumatic drill, Pool cue.These items are shown only in In addition, the cutscenes: Battering ramRam, Uzi, Microphone, and Megaphoneonly appear in cutscenes.** All of these items (and more of the above!) may also be found when the No Contraband Limits mutator is enabled. ''Thorough'' contraband countermeasures are advised, unless you want angry prisoners to pull guns out from under their beds when a riot starts!* Choosing Saphara Acknova as a your [[warden]] will give you a small cut of the re-sale value of each piece of contraband found. Prisoners found with contraband will be fined directly from their savings.

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