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Prisoner Profile: Re-adjusted
The prisoner profile (also referred to as the 'rap sheet') is accessed by clicking the prisoner whose profile you wish to view and contains 4 tabs of information.
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<div id="staff">[[Image:Rap_biography.png|60px|left|thumb|Biography]]</div>
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=== Biography ===
<div id="staff">[[Image:Rap_biography.png|200px|right|thumb|Biography]]</div>
The Biography tab includes the following information about the prisoner:
| Example || Example || Example || Example || Example
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<div id="prisoners">[[Image:Rap_character.png|60px|left|thumb|Character]]</div>
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=== Character ===
<div id="prisoners">[[Image:Rap_character.png|200px|right|thumb|Character]]</div>
This tab will display any Reputation attributes the inmate may possess, but only if that attribute is known. Prisoners with a yellow "???" line in their description when hovered over possess a Reputation attribute which is not yet revealed, and therefore will not yet display in the Character tab.
Female prisoners generally are less tough and strong than male ones, meaning that their chances to win a fight against a (male) guard will be lower.
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<div id="prisoners">[[Image:Rap_experience.png|60px|left|thumb|Experience]]</div>
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=== Experience ===
<div id="prisoners">[[Image:Rap_experience.png|200px|right|thumb|Experience]]</div>
The profile also includes an Experience tab showing which [[Programs|programs]] a prisoner has completed and what kind of activities the prisoner has been doing.
The sentences use a time concept different from the usual game time. A one-year sentence equals 120 game hours (5 game days). Yay kids, that is at most only five more sleeps until Christmas!
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<div id="valuation">[[Image:Rap_grading.png|60px|left|thumb|Grading]]</div>
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=== Grading ===
<div id="valuation">[[Image:Rap_grading.png|200px|right|thumb|Grading]]</div>
The last sheet shows a listing of the contributions to the Re-offending Chance of this prisoner, along with explanations for the numbers when hovered-over.
Despite the name, the number shown here is the actual re-offending chance as used by the game. E.g. a prisoner being released early due to [[Parole]] and has a displayed re-offending chance of 10 % will actually re-offend in 1 of 10 cases.
== Abilities & Activities ==

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