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|image=PrisonernewPrisoners GIF.pnggif
|description=The one you have to keep an eye on.
| style="text-align:center;" | Protective Custody || [[File:Protective_Custody.png]] || style="text-align:center;" | - || style="text-align:center;" | $150 || Prisoners of this category cannot be transferred into your Prison, and instead must be designated manually on an individual basis. This security level allows the player to segregate at-risk prisoners from the general population for their own protection. This is especially useful for protecting Snitches, Ex Law Enforcement, blown [[Confidential Informant|Informants]], or even for breaking [[Need#Addictions|addictions]] through increased security. It can also be used to avoid Mass Assassinations if the applicable random [[Events|Event]] happens, to isolate infected prisoners if the Virus event happens.
| style="text-align:center;" | Death Row || [[File:Deathrow_Sec.png]] || style="text-align:center;" | $2500 || style="text-align:center;" | $150 || Prisoners of this category may only be transferred into your prison after unlocking this ability from the [[Bureaucracy]] menu. These inmates have an unlimited sentence time, instead having to go through an appeals process to attempt to commute their sentence before being executed by you. Death Row prisoners require specially designated cells and do not participate in [[Regime]] activities. Death Row inmates cannot be reassigned to any other category, however may be automatically reassigned to Maximum Security if their hearing is successful. (Note: Certain mods can allow you to assign/remove Death Row to specific prisoners. This function is completely nonexistent in the base game, however.) |- | style="text-align:center;" | [[Criminally Insane]] || <span style="text-align: center;width: 100%;display: inline-block;">[[File:CI prisoner.png]]<br>{{icon:PsychWard|iconsize=16}}</span> || style="text-align:center;" | $3500|| style="text-align:center;" | $150 || Prisoners of this category can be transferred into your Prison only if you have the [[Psych Ward: Warden's Edition]] DLC. [[Criminally Insane|Click here]] for more information about Criminally Insane.|-
Can someone add criminallt insane
* In the [[Deployment]] menu, you can assign security [[sector]]s that will only allow prisoners of a certain category to enter them.
* In the [[Regime]] report, you can set up different regimes for the different risk categories which are present in your prison.

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