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How to detect contraband
[[Metal Detector]]s may be placed at any door, especially in front of rooms containing metallic contraband, e.g. [[workshop]]s. Non-metallic contraband will not be found, however, and even for metallic contraband there is no 100% detection rate, while Metal Detectors are expensive and need a lot of power.
Another strategy to use in order to control contraband is to hire some [[Dog Handler]]s with [[Guard Dog]]s to sniff out any smelly contraband your prisoners may be hiding. They may be used to patrol critical areas of your prison, e.g. the exits of rooms containing narcotics, but like Metal Detectors will only find metallic itemssimilarly to metal detectors, guard dogs won't find anything that doesn't smellcan only detect smelly contraband.
Occasionally, prisoners flash out their contraband item into view for a split second without actively using it. The split second may be enough for a player to notice and conduct a manual search of the prisoner.
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