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[[File:prisoners.png|thumb|275px|Prisoners milling around in a mixed security yard.]][[File:Prisoner tooltip a36.png|thumb|275px|A prisoner's tooltip telling his name and age, assigned [[Cell grading|cell quality]], [[Prison Labour|cash]], activity, needs and status effects]]
The lifeblood of your prison, prisoners are the criminals and scumbags you are tasked with containing and maintaining. Each prisoner has the same basic [[need|needs]], a name, a personality, and a criminal record. Prisoners have many different hair-styles and skin-tones, as well as hidden traits that control how they will behave while in your prison.
=== Biography ===
<div id="staff">[[Image:Rap_biography.png|200px275px|right|thumb|Biography]]</div>
The Biography tab includes the following information about the prisoner:
=== Character ===
<div id="prisoners">[[Image:Rap_character.png|200px275px|right|thumb|Character]]</div>
This tab will display any Reputation attributes the inmate may possess, but only if that attribute is known. Prisoners with a yellow "???" line in their description when hovered over possess a Reputation attribute which is not yet revealed, and therefore will not yet display in the Character tab.
=== Experience ===
<div id="prisoners">[[Image:Rap_experience.png|200px275px|right|thumb|Experience]]</div>
The profile also includes an Experience tab showing which [[Programs|programs]] a prisoner has completed and what kind of activities the prisoner has been doing.
=== Grading ===
<div id="valuation">[[Image:Rap_grading.png|200px275px|right|thumb|Grading]]</div>
The last sheet shows a listing of the contributions to the Re-offending Chance of this prisoner, along with explanations for the numbers when hovered-over.

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