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[[Image:Intelligence a35.png|thumb|right|Contraband (Dangers) Overlay in the [[Intelligence]] menu]]
Contraband is any item that should not be in the possession of your prisoners. If a [[Guard]] does find contraband on a prisoner, then a sound will play notifying you of the discovery, followed by a color coded pop-up notification, and finally an item will appear in your to-do list stating how many prisoners are in [[Prisoner#Individual Lockdown|Lockdown]] or [[Solitary]] as punishment. Punishments can be altered if you research the [[Policy]] through [[Bureaucracy#Security|Security]] from [[Bureaucracy]].
Contraband can be obtained through various ways, e.g. by smuggling it into the prison or stealing it from its facilities, and it can be used for various purposes, e.g. digging [[Escape Tunnel]]s, getting high or killing guards and other prisoners.
=== Gallery ===
Intelligence a35.png|Contraband (Dangers) Overlay in the [[Intelligence]] menu
== Contraband items ==
There are four types of contraband that can be found: Weapons, Tools, Narcotics, and Luxuries. Each explained in their sections below.
** All of these items (and more of the above!) may also be found when the No Contraband Limits mutator is enabled. ''Thorough'' contraband countermeasures are advised, unless you want angry prisoners to pull guns out from under their beds when a riot starts!
* Choosing Saphara Acknova as your [[warden]] will give you a small cut of the re-sale value of each piece of contraband found. Prisoners found with contraband will be fined directly from their savings.

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