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Risk Category
| style="text-align:center;" | Medium Security || [[File:Med_Sec.png]] || style="text-align:center;" | $500 || style="text-align:center;" | $150 || Medium Security prisoners pose a moderate risk in accordance with their crimes. These prisoners may have longer sentences than Minimum Security prisoners, but are likely to be less violent than Maximum Security inmates.
| style="text-align:center;" | Maximum Security || [[File:Max_Sec.png]] || style="text-align:center;" | $1000 || style="text-align:center;" | $150 250 || Maximum Security prisoners pose the greatest security and violence risk of the available pool of transferable inmates. These prisoners are more likely to become angry when their needs are unfulfilled, may have more "[[#Reputation|Legendary]]" traits assigned to them than lower-risk categories, and are also more likely to be Gang members.
| style="text-align:center;" | Super Max || [[File:SuperMax_Sec.png]] || style="text-align:center;" | $2000 || style="text-align:center;" | $150 250 || Prisoners of this category can be transferred into your Prison, (as of "The Slammer" Update) and used to be designated manually on an individual basis only. A rating of Super Max indicates that this prisoner is extremely dangerous to the point that they should be treated differently from the general population, possibly even put in 24-hour lockdown.
| style="text-align:center;" | Protective Custody || [[File:Protective_Custody.png]] || style="text-align:center;" | - || style="text-align:center;" | $150 || Prisoners of this category cannot be transferred into your Prison, and instead must be designated manually on an individual basis. This security level allows the player to segregate at-risk prisoners from the general population for their own protection. This is especially useful for protecting Snitches, Ex Law Enforcement, blown [[Confidential Informant|Informants]], or even for breaking [[Need#Addictions|addictions]] through increased security. It can also be used to avoid Mass Assassinations if the applicable random [[Events|Event]] happens, to isolate infected prisoners if the Virus event happens.

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