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=== Time ===
Game time is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and affects all parts of the game - at night it's dark and prisoners are sleeping, at 8 . am the visitors arrive, at 1 . pm you may schedule lunch, and whoever you will have put in six hours of solitary confinement then will be released from it at 7 . pm.24 hours make marks a day, as displayed in the day counter in the upper info bar of the screen, and so far, everything seems to be pretty straightforward. However, an inmate sentenced to one year [[Inmate]] sentences do not match with the in -game time, so a prisoner may leave the prison will be released after five days at the latest, as one game year consists without your prior knowledge of five game days onlytheir release.The optional seasons which affect In-game time can be sped up in large or small increments by using the weather during buttons below the upper right menu. You can also pause the game last seven days each, so actually more than a year.Must be that strange perception of time to allow you are developing when locked behind bars to plan or order for too long..future constructs or additions.
== Tips ==

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