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 {{Disambiguation|lang=en|Text1=Water|Description1=A generated Surface, when started a new prison.|Text2<div style=Water Supply|Description2"float:right;"><div style=[[Water Pump Station]], [[large Pipe|large]] and [[small Pipe]]s (see [[Utilities]])}}"display:inline-block; vertical-align: top;">{{Infobox Material.v2
|price=0 ''(Free)''10
|location=Outdoors Only
* This material is not available to the player from the [[Material]]s menu.
* This material can be generated when starting a new map. <br> ''(Generate Lakes)''
* This material is impervious. It cannot be accessed, built over, or [[Escape Tunnel|dug]] through.
<div style="display:inline-block">
|name=Shalow Water
|icon={{icon|IB DLC|48px|Island Bound}}
|walkspeed= Slow (0.7)
|location=Outdoors Only
* DLC Content
{{SeeAlso|Water Supply|Boats|Water Pump Station|Small Pipe|Large Pipe|img1=Icon_water}}
Water can be auto-generated in the same manner as forests and buildings if lake generation feature is ticked when creating a new [[prison]]. Since [[The Rock]] version, water can be accessed from [[Materials]] menu and be build by players to create moats, lakes, rivers and [[island]]s.
Water blocks the movement of all the entities ([[prisoner]]s, [[staff]], [[visitors]]) which means they can't swim in it, cross over it and [[Escape Tunnel|tunnel]] under. This however is changed when [[Island Bound]] DLC is installed.
[[File:Screenshot 117.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Prisoner swimming away]]
With [[Island Bound]] DLC installed, [[prisoner]]s are given swim stamina that allows them to swim in the water. Prisoners will do so to escape from the prison and drown if the distance they have to swim is too big.
Prisoners who drown are automatically removed from the map and there's no need for recovering their bodies.
Water is also used by [[boat]]s to deliver various supplies and people.
''See the [[Island Bound|DLC page]] for full list.''
== Shallow Water ==
Shallow water is a new type of water, exclusive to [[Island Bound]] DLC that can be walked on with reduced speed. It has a little bit brighter color and can be used to make better looking shorelines, moats and rivers.
Water == Trivia ==<div style="display: inline-block;">* Since version The Rock, it is auto-generated in possible to build utilities under the same manner that forests are generated, water and will accompany [[Dirt]]place several objects (exclusive to IB DLC) on it, such as::* [[SandStepping Stones]], :* [[Long GrassBuoy]], and :* [[Grass]] during the terrain generating process. It is disabled by default when starting a new map. To enable water to appear in new maps, the lake generation feature must be ticked in its checkbox. Additionally, water, [[mudFountain]] and long grass are the only ground materials that cannot be placed by the playermore.
Water also functions similarly to the * You can use [[Stepping Stones]] and [[Perimeter WallFootbridge]] in that s to allow people cannot walk (or swim) through it and utilities cannot be constructed through them, but differs from crossing the perimeter wall because water cannot be altered by the player through normal means. It acts as a permanent blockade within the map, forcing players to build their prisons around the lake.</div>
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