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Room Grading

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<section begin=DESC/>Room grading is used to create worse and better rated [[Sectors|security sectors]] and encourage [[prisoner]]s to work on their behaviour in order to be transferred to better graded sector [[cell]] and/or [[sector]] as well as be punished by being sent to worse cell/sector if they misbehave. Check [[Sector grading]] for more information.
<div style="display: inline-block;">There are 7 [[rooms]] that have grading:
* and [[Yard]]
</div> Current grading of all the [[room]]s listed above can be seen in [[Logistics]] > Room Quality menu. The color coding gives a rough guide - green means excellent quality, red means poor quality. Two numbers are shown, in the form X / Y where:* Y is the current grading of the cell* X is the grade that the current occupant is entitled to Hovering over a [[cell]] provides a tooltip with the criteria that led to the current grading and the information whether this cell is below, on or above average when compared to your other [[cell]]s.<section end=DESC/>
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