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* Get your [[Kitchen]] and [[Canteen]] up and running before the first prisoners show up, and be sure to hire some [[Cooks]] - nothing irritates a prisoner more than an empty stomach!
* Place your [[Kitchen]] and [[Canteen]] in close proximity to one another to ensure ease of access for your cooks, just make sure the inmates don't have access to the [[Kitchen]].
* Prison There are three kinds of prison doors : The jail door, which only can be set with access rights - make sure your exterior open from a guard, the normal doors are set to , which everyone can use and the staff onlydoors. Make sure you had build this doors there, where your prisoners shouldn't be.
**Also, you can mark areas as "''staff only''" in [[Deployment]] for wide-scale control..
* Make sure that your prisoners don't have access to the outer edge of the map. Inmates will make a run for it if they have a chance.
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