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Tips: jobs cap
* The kitchen should be near the canteen and your loading zone or storage room to avoid long walks.
* Keep your kitchen secure, as inmates will try to fetch [[Weapons|knives]] from it.
* As of [[Alpha 9]], Players can assign inmates to do "Jobs" in kitchens(1/12m², max. 20), as well as other areas of the prison.
* Prisoners assigned to a kitchen for work can be sent for ingredients from the delivery area, located initially outside the prison fence/walls. Such prisoners often make a break for it once they have cleared the prison itself.
* It is prudent to designate the kitchen a staff only area, if you have unlocked "[[Deployment]]" via Bureaucracy. This will prevent theft of tools/contraband, the potential escape of prisoners assigned to work there and also will prevent an optional route around any [[Metal Detector]]s you have installed at the canteen. However, keep in mind that prisoners cannot work at a kitchen marked as staff only.

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