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[[File:Deployment Screen.jpg|thumb|View of sectors.]]
Each sector is color coordinated. Sectors are broken up inside of a building by doors - if you have multiple rooms that flow into each other without a door, they will all be considered one sector.
==List of Sectors== 
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! Type !! Display !! Notes
| Maximum Only || style="background: red; color: black" | Red || Only Maximum security [[prisoners]] are allowed to enter or work in this area. If this is a [[cell#Cell Block|Cell Block]], only Maximum security prisoners will be housed here.
| Shared || style="background: white; color: black" | White || All [[prisoners]] and [[Staff]] have access to this area. Prisoners housed or working in this area will be of mixed security ratings. <br>This is the default sector designation before having researched [[Deployment]] through [[Bureaucracy]].
| Staff Only || style="background: black; color: white" | Black || [[Prisoners]] are not allowed to enter this sector and will attempt to path around it if possible.
| No Access || style="background: yellow; color: black" | Yellow Striped || Any area of your prison which is inaccessible by [[Staff]] will flash with yellow stripes filling the region. Construct a door or destroy a section of wall to make this area accessible again.
| Unsecured || style="background: yellow; color: black" | Flashing Yellow || Any area of your prison that is unsecured / unlocked to the outside of your prison's exterior walls will repeatedly flash yellow and revert back to the zone color.<br>Prisoners in these sectors will immediately attempt to escape.
 ==Tips== * Staff only areas will not be entered by prisoners even if the doors are wooden or locked open, so they can be are a helpful good way to allow visitors access to areas of your prison. Escape attempts However, prisoners will still be made attempt to escape if it leads to the area leads directly outside your walls however.
* If you want to allow two types of prisoners into an area but exclude a third, create two small hallways outside the room and designate them with different security ratings, then set the room as Shared. As long as those two hallways are the only way into the room, no prisoner from the third designation will be able to reach that room.
==History== * Since In [[Alpha-2]], the primary use of sectors is to assign guards in the [[Deployment]] window.* Since In [[Alpha 6]] , you're now able to dedicate cell blocks to prisoners of maximum security (high risk), minimum security (low risk) or the general prisoner population.* As of In [[Alpha 8]], setting a sector to "Unlocked" keeps all the doors in that area open. This is useful during construction of a building, or during a fire evacuation.* In [[Alpha 16]], a new orange colored sector was created for medium security prisoners only, and the general population sector was renamed to "Shared." Additionally, sectors will flash yellow when they are not secured.

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