Staff Well-being Initiative

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Staff Well-being Initiative


Starting Grant

Advance Payment:


Completion Bonus:


Grant Total:



  • None provided


  • Build a Staff Room
  • Have at least five guards without assigned duties
  • Ensure none of your staff are exhausted

Staff Well-being Initiative is a default Grant available to you with-out any requirements, to help you start your prison.

In Game Description[edit]

Prison worker unions have been receiving reports of staff being overstressed and overworked, to the point where mistakes are being made. Make sure that similar issues do not occur in your facility.

Hints and Tips[edit]

This is considered by many to be a difficult grant. If a player finds the grant too difficult, he/she can fire all tired staff. This will take care of the "Ensure none of your staff are exhausted" part of the grant.

Taking this grant early reduces the difficulty a great deal.