Status Light

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  Status Light
Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2020 | The Sneezer
Cost: $50
Size: 1x1
Toughness 1 HP
Used in:
  • Anywhere
Other Information:
  • This object must be researched before it can be purchased.
    (Remote Access)
  • Requires a remote connection to operate.
  • This object can only be found in the Utilities menu.

The Status Light can be used to detect if a true signal is being inputted. If so, a green light will turn on.

It can also be used to output a signal. It will transmit a high signal if it receives one or more high signals (acting as an OR gate). Otherwise, it will transmit a low signal (even if it has no inputs).


A status light with no inputs can be used as a source of a low signal for logic gates.