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<span lang="{{{1}}}" {{#if:{{{rtl|}}}|dir="rtl"}}>{{{2}}}</span>{{category handler
| main =[[Category:Articles containing {{#switch:{{{1|}}}
  |ar       = Arabic
  |es       = Spanish
  |de       = German
  |fr       = French
  |ja       = Japanese
  |zh       = Chinese
  |zh-cn|zh-Hans  = simplified Chinese
  |bg       = Bulgarian
  |cs       = Czech
  |da       = Danish
  |nl       = Dutch
  |et       = Estonian
  |fi       = Finnish
  |el       = Greek
  |hu       = Hungarian
  |ga       = Irish
  |grc      = Ancient Greek
  |la|lat   = Latin
  |cy       = Welsh
  |sl       = Slovene
  |slv      = Slovene
  |en|eng   = explicitly cited English 
  |#default = {{#ifexist:Category:Articles containing {{ISO 639 name {{{1|}}}}}-language text
    |{{ISO 639 name {{{1|}}}}}
  }}-language text]]
| nocat = {{{nocat|}}}
}}<noinclude>{{documentation}}<!-- Add cats and interwikis to the /doc sub-page --></noinclude>