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This Template displays the introbox only used on Main Page. It can be used with the following languages:

Language Flag ISO
English Lang en.png en
French Lang fr.png fr
German Lang de.png de
Russian Lang ru.png ru
Italian Lang it.png it
Language Flag ISO
Spanish Lang es.png es
Finnish Lang fi.png fi
Danish Lang dk.png dk
Swedish Lang se.png se
Norwegian Lang no.png no
Language Flag ISO
Dutch Lang nl.png nl
Polish Lang pl.png pl
Portuguese Lang pt.png pt
Portuguese (Brasil) Lang br.png br
Romanian Lang ro.png ro
Language Flag ISO
Greek Lang gr.png gr
Ukrainian Lang ua.png ua
Czech Lang cz.png cz
Hungarian Lang hu.png hu
Bulgarian Lang bg.png bg
Language Flag ISO
Turkish Lang tr.png tr
Thai Lang th.png th
Korean Lang kr.png kr
Japanese Lang jp.png jp
Chinese Lang cn.png cn


{{:Main Page/introbox|lang= }}
Notice the colon before Main Page.

This is a unique template, and should only be used on this wikis Main Page.


Function Description
lang Required - Use one of the available languages: en=english (default), de=german, fr=french, it=italian, es=spanish, ru=Russian, se=swedish, etc.


TheCEO.png Prison Architect is the fifth original game from Introversion Software (now developed by Paradox Interactive).

This Wiki is intended to use as the primary source for help with the game and it is open to changes from anyone with an account. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki if you wish. Consult the Community Portal and the Guideline for information on how you can.
We're keen to encourage new people to join the game, so please feel free to talk about it, upload YouTube play-throughs, tweet bug reports etc. Basically do whatever you like, but please DO NOT distribute the actual build. We can't monitor all builds published over the Internet so we put our trust in your honesty and integrity.

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