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Patch Notes[edit]

The Bucket comes along with a free Cleared for Transfer DLC and introduces several new exciting mechanics, wall types, objects and much more to your game. Check out the patch notes below!

New room: Gym[edit]

  • These objects can also be placed elsewhere in a prison.
  • The Gymnasium will act similarly to a Yard (but indoors) catering to various prisoner Needs (Exercise and Recreation).
  • Being inside the Gym will also ​negatively​ increase the prisoner’s “Hygiene” need by a small amount, encouraging a Shower.
  • Prisoners will treat the Gym similarly to a Yard, meaning that they’ll want to visit the Gym during the “Yard” and “Freetime” regime periods.
  • With the exception of gang members (mentioned below), all other inmates should still favor the Yard (seemingly as they get to spend some time outside).

New​ custom security sectors ​for Deployment[edit]

  • e.g. You can set a sector that includes min and med security.
  • Punishments, Searches, Shakedowns & More per sector:
  • Actions that you trigger via the bottom-right HUD element can now be activated for individual security sectors.

New Staff control[edit]

  • In the “Deployment” menu, you now have 4 new options:


  • Barred walls will now allow for heat to pass through them.
  • You can ​fire multiple staff​ now by holding the mouse button and dragging your selection.


  • The renderer now supports multiple spritesheets!
  • Vehicle speed and support for removing shadow casting from objects is now exposed for modding

Additional Improvements, Fixes & Features[edit]

  • Intake UI: Renamed “Prisoner Transfer” to “Legendary Prisoner” to avoid confusion with the Prisoner Transfer system.
  • Lunar Plot Forestry will now only grow Sakura trees.
  • Assigned Cooks will now cook in their kitchen.
  • Fixed an Exploit that would reset the Security Rating when reloading a prison.
  • Fixed an issue that showed all Sectors as available in the Emergency Actions, if you've set a custom sector up in the prison.
  • Transfers in Reports no longer open as a new window.
  • Fixed a number of missing translations.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you change the language several times in-game
  • Fixed a slow down that a player would see if on multiplayer if the client turns on Prisoner Transfers. Also fixed Client not being able to see the correct Grading score for Security Sectors.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash on starting Prison Stories.
  • Fixed a bug that would stop you from moving the Firemen in the "Palermo" scenario in Prison Stories.
  • Policy menu will no longer show Criminally Insane if you do not have the DLC.
  • Players will no longer be able to approve transfers if they load a map that had transfers on unless they have the DLC.
  • New Assign and Prioritize options have the New Star picture on them to highlight they're new.
  • Fixed a bug that meant Death Row inmates did not pass parole despite meeting the criteria for it.
  • Clone tool no longer shows incorrect sprites when used.
  • Fixed the Allow Transfer option so that when you disable it, no prisoners are shown as ready for transfer.
  • Inmates whose reoffending rate match the number you set the 'estimated reoffending rate' for transfer now qualify for transfer.
  • Fixed a bug that would stop you entering tunnels in Escape Mode.
  • Fixed a bug that stops MAC/Linux players from playing the game in Windowed Borderless mode
  • In Multiplayer when a Client changes criteria on the Transfers tab, other players can now see that change.
  • Fixed an issue that had prisoners constantly being swapped about if they were in a Mixed Custom Sector wing.
  • Criminally Insane prisoners can now live in a Custom Sector for 'Criminally Insane'.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped a player from playing a modified map in Escape Mode
  • In Multiplayer if the host has the Cleared For Transfer DLC, anyone who connects to that game will have access to the Transfers mechanics and content, regardless of if they own the DLC.
  • Fixed an issue that caused UI elements to be off-screen or overlap if High DPI option is on in the graphics settings.
  • Criminally Insane Prisoners with the Claustrophobic reputation no longer grows extra hands when in lockdown and aggressive.
  • If using 4k resolution the Policy menu will no longer scroll off the page.
  • Canteen trays no longer float in the air if they are at the bottom of an Oak Table.