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First update from Double11 and Paradox.

Patch Notes[edit]

  • 4 new floor tiles and 4 new wall types added
  • Increased the number of foremen that can be hired for larger prisons where foremen also teach programs
  • Added new sprites for missing orientations to many items. Aiming to provide full set of rotations to all objects in the future
  • Added "Guard Response" button that allows players to immediately send existing nearby guards to a location, instead of needing to hire additional guards to deal with incidents
  • New "Tunnel Search" button that allows the player to have guards search all toilets only, for hidden escape tunnels
  • Additional Quick Rooms added to the Quick Build menu, for quicker and easier room construction
  • Following prisoners and staff has been made easier, you can now double-click on them to enable

Mod Support[edit]

  • New content is being added to a brand new tileset file
  • The current tileset.png has been made larger, allowing for more custom content


Version Release date Notes Forum Link
1.02 2019-06-27 Hotfix - fixed an issue with wrong sprites (prisoners phoning using a container of bleach) and bug with prisoners sitting incorrectly by tables. Steamlogo.png
1.01 2019-06-27 Hotfix - fixed an issue with crashing on start-up. Steamlogo.png