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The Pen patch was released on 2021-06-16[1]. The patch was released alongside the Second Chances expansion.

Feature overview

  • New objects
  • (Grass road bridge, dining table (large), dining table (small), dining chair, diner booth, saloon doors (double), Additional signs (no entry, gym, phone, visitation) ornate wall light, Chandelier, Wall Panel, Wall Panel (Wood), Wall Panel (stone), Shop Counter).
  • New Security Orders - Narcotic Search! - Similar to shakedown but searching specifically for drugs with Dog Handlers.
  • New Policy: Staff Keys - Allow additional staff to carry keys, improving efficiency but adding a security risk
  • New Quick Room - Reception.
  • Custom Intake - Allowing players to choose the intake's arrival time.
  • Relax Outdoor room restrictions - Restrictions removed from certain rooms (a limited number), allowing players to build for example an outdoor classroom or canteen.
  • Misc Improvements & Community Requests - Prisoners always use Recreational. Facilities during free time.

Other fixes and improvements

Going Green

  • Imported Ingredients cost stays at 0 in the Green Power Plant regardless of actual import values.
  • Crops moved to the Exports Room on Storage Shelf will not be taken off of it and it will block the Road.
  • Reputations 'Foodie' and 'Green Thumb' from DLC Going Green appear in the game without DLC enabled.
  • Criminally Insane Prisoners can do "ActionHerb".
  • "Grants" and "Green Energy Goals" tooltips inconsistency.
  • Names for Carrots and Tomatoes are swapped in the tooltips.
  • There is no sound for recent transactions until 8:15 am, in Premade Prison "Green Power Plant: Going Green".

Other fixes

  • Player able to exploit Deliveries by Dismissing Vehicle.
  • Staff Alerts overlap with UI elements when Todo list is minimized.
  • Guard Tazer Certification program can now reschedule and work fine
  • Performance improvments when placing a copy of a large area over some objects (trees, other buildings etc.).
  • Scanner machine improvements
  • Cost of building some Walls via Planning tool is higher than the price of building them manually.
  • Players are charged twice for the construction of curtain Wall types while building them via the Planning tool.
  • Multiple copies of an object can be bought by holding LMB if the player buys it in a building that's in progress of Quick Build.
  • Building foundations with concrete/brick walls does not charge players with the cost of building walls.
  • Misaligned ingredients sprite on the fridge.
  • Horizontal Drip Pipes have got flickering water icons if those pipes are connected with vertical ones
  • Ingredients with Bacon texture are not put into a Fridge, unless Meal Variety is set to 'High'
  • Alert "The prison is not running at the maximum capacity" is showing even if there is only a Holding Cell in prison
  • Alert about missing Laundry Room shows incorrect number of prisoners and has wrong description tab.
  • Guard dog that was assigned to the area does not return to Kennels after reaching "Exhausted" status.
  • Some actions are cancelled during Sleep time.
  • Texture of Light(Solar) displays on The Ecologist/The Botanist Warden instead of Vest.
  • Staff's exhaustion in task list, Staff Well-Being Initiative and Staff list are inconsistent with each other.
  • Tab informing the Player that the map uses content from disabled DLC is not appearing properly.
  • Localisation improvements for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  • Noticeable stutter when opening overlays.
  • Prisoners are affected with virus/sickness when events are not enabled.
  • Building objects into quick rooms not working properly.
  • Transaction with $0 income/expenses showing in the Bank Balance summary.
  • Players can only allocate work slots if there are prisoners with required qualifications.
  • Insecure area blinking bug when multiple helipads are surrounded with walls.
  • Grant "Government Bailout" that has been accepted is re-locked after one of the requirements is not met.
  • Finance Report "Total" tab overlapping with other UI when it is too long.
  • Guard Pavilion objects are raising false room requirements.
  • Choice of dogs not having the same behavior as choice of warden.
  • Alert about adding Death Row appears, even if Death Row is already researched.
  • Accepting some grants will complete certain tasks immediately on grants.
  • Grant "Overproduction" timer resets every time the game is loaded.
  • A street lamp asset overlaps with a bench (park) asset.
  • Recruit informant button overlaps with the recent misconduct list.
  • Warden icon in the slider background in the "Choose your warden" section.
  • Missing sound when hiring/deploying staff.
  • Vertically connected drip pipes can disconnect due to adjacent horizontal ones.
  • There is no confirmation sound after deploying dog handlers and armed guards to the area.
  • A "Todo" list is shown in the Inventory tab after using the "+" or "-" button.
  • Legendary Prisoner callout icon does not disappear automatically.
  • The warning sign does not show up for inactive CCTV for the client player.
  • After choosing the category in "Objects", items are not sorted.
  • Options disappear from the window when dragged/moved.
  • NPC's are using the Office Desk from behind causing them to walk into a wall.
  • Game displays "The prison is running out of money" when playing with unlimited funds.
  • Using the +/- to resize the UI crashes the game.
  • Prisoners who died from starvation remain in prison and are counted as living prisoners.
  • The dog handler, armed guard's and orderly's status icons in 'deployment' tab remain grey for the client player despite units being
  • deployed.
  • UI elements shifted when creating a new prison.
  • The CEO call when a large number of prisoners die reads "help_warning_prisonerreleased" instead of correct text.
  • Idle workers are making work noises.
  • [Escape Mode] Stationed Dog Handlers do not take any actions towards the Player.
  • [Escape Mode] Game crashes when clicking "Sleep".
  • [Escape Mode] The Guard Response button works in Escape Mode.

Console only fixes

  • Dog handlers cannot search objects.
  • Workers and Janitors become stuck when trying to clear objects in a library.
  • Flour is using the sprite for an Auto Gatherer.
  • Eggs are left in the deliveries.
  • Religious figure execution witnesses have a black square covering their face.
  • The black square is displayed instead of the prisoner lawyer's face.
  • Land Expansion is displayed as paused in the Bureaucracy menu.
  • Premade map freezes within 1 day in game time.
  • Buttons icons are shifted below the "Grants" tab.
  • Incorrect selection of the area of objects with the Dump Object tool.
  • Wall objects float if the wall is removed.
  • Prison Value turns negative after reaching a certain amount.
  • The Bricks and Mortar value fluctuates.

Known Issues

  • In the coming days, we will have some updates fixing the known Issues and also some other fixes and improvements.
  • Prisoners drop ingredients when their shift at the Restaurant ends.
  • Active programs might end when saving and loading the game.
  • It's currently possible to change prisoners with different security levels to wear the same colour using map settings in Extras.
  • NPCs walk under the Grass Road Bridge.
  • Prisoners' heads are separated from their bodies when they sit facing North.
  • Bureaucracy isn't researched in the order it's queued.
  • Single log crowding storage.
  • Overlaps and Overflows for some languages.
  • Technical text is displayed in the prisoner biography after passed of any new program.
  • Some reoffending prisoners Bio shows a different prisoner.
  • Reform Program Research requires 10 prisoners to pass Reformed.
  • Prisoner Consultation instead of 1.