The Reform through Education Initiative

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The Reform through Education Initiative


Locked Grant

Advance Payment:


Completion Bonus:


Grant Total:



  • Administration Centre


The Reform through Education Initiative is one of the locked grants available to you once you complete other grants. The grant you need to complete are Administration Centre .

In Game Description[edit]

A prominent campaign group is conducting a large scale social experiment into the effects of education on prisoner re-offending rates. Set up some classrooms and begin educating your prisoners.

Hints and Tips[edit]

Make multiple classrooms- Try to include at least 2-3 classrooms, or enough classrooms to equal at least 40-50 seats. That way, more people can be taught at the same time. However, (if events are toggled on) there is a higher chance that there is a teacher (whom are externally hired) will bring in massive amounts of contraband, or rile up your prisoners with hate speech if you have more classrooms, so don't have too many, either.

After this grant is done, and if you don't want to rehabilitate your prisoners, you can reuse a classroom for your guards in order for them to receive their Guard Tazer Certification. Don't try to make more classrooms, as the Chief is the only one who can teach them, and you can only have 1 on-site (alive) at the same time.