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Patch Notes[edit]

A summary of the most notable items is provided below, including; new Bridges, Cloning and Planning improvements. Now you can turn your plans into actual construction jobs!

New items[edit]

  • Windows can now be added to both sides of a vertical wall.
  • New Walls: Art Deco and Oriental.
  • New Floors: Limestone, Grass n Stones, Sandstone, Lunar.
  • New Objects: Sink, Handdryer, Wall signs, Spooky and Sakura trees, Cactus, Park Bench, Moose Head, and more...
  • New Doors: Guards Gates and Secret Bookcase Door.
  • New Signs: Signposts rooms such as Canteens and Showers.
  • New Grass Corner, to create angled pathways.

New Features[edit]

  • Multiple new dog types to choose from, before and during a game!
  • Option to choose the wall type for quick rooms.
  • Room (colored) overlays can now be turned off in Game Options.
  • Extra ‘Most Used’ item menu filter added.
  • Finally, BRIDGES are here! Lay them over roads, water and other land, for staff and prisoners to cross.
  • Rebalanced daily payments for higher-risk inmates. Max Sec, Protective Custody, Death Row, and Criminally Insane pay more.
  • Empty and occupied cells can be viewed in Logistics, via a new “Cell Status” button.
  • Extra prisoner action added to Bios: “Escort to Infirmary
  • Search bar added to the Flooring menu.
  • Transferred prisoners are offered in Intake.
  • Unique Visitors Direction option added to Deployment.
  • Foundations can now be built with more wall types.
  • Fog of War can now be turned off mid-game, via the Map Settings menu.
  • Clone tool overhauled!! You can now rotate and flip, walls and objects now shown, the clonable area can cover entire prisons! AND you can even clone between saves (BETA)! The construction speed has also been optimized.
  • Overhauled Planning!! Build your plans, add doors and choose wall type. The construction speed has also been optimized.
  • More new items, walls and floors.
  • Improved Quick Rooms presentation, now showing where the walls will be built.
  • New Desert and Lunar Plot options when creating a new game.
  • Gravestones are supplied for every death in your prison.

Additional Improvements, Fixes & Features QoL and Requests[edit]

  • Taser legacy crash fixed (due to the taser line drawing code - taser trails would sometimes crash the game on certain player’s graphics drivers, if it didn't crash it seemed to shift some of the font drawing code to render in the wrong position/off screen for a frame. Both problems should now be fixed.
  • Modders! Spritesheet files and UI.png are now unencrypted. Please avoid adding to these sheets with your own mods, as we WILL be adding more future content to them. There’s plenty of space reserved on the original tilesheet.
  • Electric Cables and Water Pipes now point the right way when being constructed.
  • Any inmates moved to new cells by you, will be reassigned.
  • The outskirts of the map now allow flooring to be placed.
  • Street Lamps no longer need direct power cables.
  • Events” can be toggle on/off in Map Settings.
  • New inmates have a “Fresh Fish” tag.
  • Deployment - "Staff Only" and "Shared" zones are more distinctly coloured.
  • Separate icons for “Drugs” and “Medicinecontraband types.
  • Snipers can now open Remote Doors.
  • Guards open doors for separated dogs.
  • Underground utilities can now be placed in the same space as pending above-ground objects.
  • Cloning will include foundations.
  • Office chair now fulfills the Reception room requirement.
  • Now CCTV, Doors and Phone Taps can be connected in both ways.
  • Addressed various issues when playing with multiple monitor setups.
  • Bench artwork updated to show sitting direction.
  • The presentation of areas in Logistics which show where jobs can be assigned is improved.
  • Phone Tap, CCTV and Door Control stations show the no. of wired connections.
  • Hedges no longer merge with adjacent walls, and blend better with grass floor.
  • Execution Room requirements can be fulfilled with all new chair types.
  • Bios no longer open immediately when double-clicking to follow an inmate.
  • Improved Sprite visuals due to an alpha anomaly that was producing artefacts around some of the sprites.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where Mail Satchels where not being delivered, causing large build ups of mail.
  • Guard Response option assigned to the [G] hot key.
  • Guard Taser Certification program tooltip fixed.
  • The Mud floor is slower to walk over.
  • Corrected a legacy issue relating to the Need gain for large maps. Needs would previously rise too quickly on Large Maps due to lower timewarpfactor.
  • New icons added for Needs speech bubbles that were missing.
  • Ability to turn off the double-click to move objects function, in Game Options.
  • Even more staff and dog names added.
  • Fixed issues with items stretching when rotated.
  • Fixed a legacy issue with rotating tree saplings.
  • Placing doors in Planning no longer removes the flooring below.
  • Your last used filter setting is saved.
  • Extra characters such as ä, ö, ü, ß now accepted by the search bar.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where Notebook pages that were appearing during Escape mode/Cutscenes were inaccessible.
  • Tons of other bug fixes.


Version Release date Notes Forum Link
1.02 2020-01-23 Hotfix Steamlogo.png
1.01 2019-11-27 Hotfix Steamlogo.png