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  Todo list


Shows a list of current goals.

Other Information:

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The Todo list appears in the top-left corner of the screen, and shows a list of current goals such as those added by grants and the campaign. As you complete the sub-goals, they will be ticked off the list, and then removed completely once the main goal has been achieved. Goals with multiple stages or requirements (e.g. Hire at least two guards) will show a percentage, indicating how far to completion you are. Goals with a time limit, or countdown (e.g. Prisoner Intake) will show a time next to the goal. The Todo list also displays the number of 'uncompleted tasks' overall on the entire list in the top-right.

When starting a new prison, the first item on your Todo list will be "Read the CEO's letter".

The Todo List can be collapsed (and expanded) by clicking on its header.