Tool Cleanup

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Tool Cleanup


Locked Grant

Advance Payment:


Completion Bonus:


Grant Total:



  • Prisoners: At least 40


  • Remove the supply of stolen tools
  • Remove the supply of stolen weapons

Tool Cleanup is a default Grant available to you, that has Pre-Requisites that need to be completed before you can accept it.

In Game Description[edit]

Following a number of incidents in other prisons involving stolen items, a group is performing studies on the distribution of tools and weapons throughout prisons. This part of the trial involves trying to remove all such items from your prison population.

Hints and Tips[edit]

Searching your cell blocks while prisoners are out to shower, eat, or yard time is advisable along with metal detectors.

It's seems that there's some bug(?) that prevent you to complete this grant, as a possible workaround just save and reload the save and the grant will instantly be completed.