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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2020 | The Sneezer
Cost: $100
Size: 3x3
Toughness 10 HP
Used in:

• Outdoor

Other Information:
  • This object can be generated when starting a new map.
    (Generate Forests or Generate Lakes)
  • This object must be researched before it can be purchased.
    (Grounds Keeping)

Trees are an essential part of making money. Once cut, the tree will turn into logs which can be sold for cash or, if your prison is equipped with a functioning Workshop, then your prisoners can cut down the logs into wood, which can sell for more money or again be crafted to Superior Beds, which can be sold for even more money.

In order to plant trees, the player needs to research Grounds Keeping and must have a Gardener plant the tree. Trees will start out as saplings and will take some time (five days on average) for them to grow into a tree that can be harvested for its wood. Trees can be bought in the Objects and cut down using the "Dismantle" option manually, or both activities can be automated using the Forestry.

Logs are sold for $50 each for a net profit of $50 per tree, while wood is also sold for $50 each for a net profit of $500 per tree (1 tree = 3 logs = 12 wood). As 6 wood are needed to craft a Superior Bed, which is sold for $400, the net profit per tree is $700 when making beds (not calculating labor costs).

Tree Stumps will automatically disappear after some time and the only way to remove them manually is by building any floor (Concrete Floor for example) or foundation on them.

As of Update 15, prisoners can climb trees and jump over the nearby fences and walls. This also applies to big "Tree (Cactus).