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Cost: $10
Size: 1x1
Used in:
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Prisoners wear these uniforms all day. Uniforms get dirty over time and need to be replaced with clean ones from the Laundry.

If the prisoner is wearing a dirty uniform this adversely affects his clothing Need.

While Prisoners get their uniforms cleaned spare ones will be distributed to them. Those will be bought as needed automatically. You cannot buy uniforms manually.

Despite being colour-coded per risk category when worn by prisoners, uniforms lying around always are "medium security" orange.


  • If Escape Plans are enabled in the game options, then prisoners working in the laundry can steal uniforms and craft ropes from them. These ropes then can be used to climb fences and walls, and they will be left behind, so other prisoners can use it to escape as well.
  • Prisoner's uniforms will get dirty much faster if they spend time outdoors during rainy days. (Weather option must be enabled.)

See Laundry for information on the cleaning process.