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i bought prison architect after alpha 9 had come out after watching a number of youtube videos that made it look like a game i would enjoy. i play through steam, and you can see my profile here: misterhaan

bug / wish list

  • besides just open / closed for new prisoners, some way to control how many. for example if i have 3 empty cells i'd like to accept 3 new prisoners, not potentially 16.
  • laundry should be more intelligent -- if half the cell block didn't get new uniforms yesterday, start with that half today.
  • don't place lights when i put down a foundation. i probably don't want that many lights, and i definitely don't want them where it likes to put them.
  • ability to cancel dismantle / search jobs from the object / prisoner interface where you can queue those jobs. i'm not sure if you can even cancel these from the jobs list, but that should also be an option.
  • instead of 8 workers on the first truck, choose the initial staff. i would require at least a warden and 1 worker, then you can add whatever staff you want that aren't locked by bureaucracy and you can afford, and they'd come in on the first truck(s). subsequent staff would also be delivered on trucks daily.
  • ability to define my own rooms / cell blocks for deployment. sometimes i don't want doors or even walls between rooms, but then deployment doesn't see them as separate.
  • unstationed guards should hang around wherever they were last needed instead of going to the deliveries area. stationed guards without patrols should wander their station (like doctors in the infirmary / administrators in an office) instead of standing in the middle.
  • patrol routes should be assignable separately even if there are more than one in the same room. also multiple guards on the same patrol should try to space themselves evenly.