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Utility tools are simple and completely free to use managements tools that help you manage and work with in-game Utilities, such as cables, wires and pipes. They all can be accessed from the Utilities Menu.

Screenshot 64.png
Connecting phone tap to the phone booth


Connect is used to connect objects together so they work as supposed, for example:

You can hold Left Shift to connect multiple things. Connect option can be also accessed by clicking on the object that supports connections (check these mentioned above).

Screenshot 65.png
An example of wires arranged in a more organized way, using Tidy Wires tool.

Tidy Wires

Tidy Wires allow you to arrange the wires more nicely by creating "points" the wire lines have to stick to. To start, select Tidy Wires from the Utilities menu and create the first "point" on selected wire by hovering on it with your mouse and left clicking on it. Once the point is created, you can move it around and leave it wherever you like. Then, repeat it and create as many points as you need so the wire lines are arranged nicely. You can remove created points by right clicking on them.

Using Tidy Wires does not affect the game mechanics in any way and is used just for the better looks and better organization of the utilities.

Screenshot 63.png
Connections shown after the Show Wires tool is enabled.

Show Wires

Tool or rather an option that shows all the connections, useful to find unconnected objects such as CCTV cameras and door servos.

Screenshot 62.png
Workmen dismantling the utilities.

Dismantle Utility

Dismantle Utility tool is used to dismantle any utilities (objects that can be connected via Connect tool, water pipes and cables). You can simply click on utilities you want to be dismantled (removed permanently) the same way as you demolish the walls. Your workers will start dismantling it as soon as they are available.

If you use Dismantle Utility on a tile where both - cable and pipe (or object) is installed, the tool will mark all of the things for removal.