Version 2.0.1

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New Features[edit]

  • Sectors may now be marked as 'Access Only' in the Deployment screen. Use this to discourage staff and prisoners from using the marked areas as a short cut.
  • Clicking on a prisoner now brings up the rapsheet directly. This behaviour can be changed in the Game Options menu.
  • Dormitories now require Phone Booths instead of Radios to meet their Quality requirements.
  • We are now collecting anonymised game statistics so that we can make further improvements to the game. You can disable this collection by checking the Disable Analytics option in the Game Options menu.
  • Larger Clone tool size when running with Tools and Cheats enabled.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • 0011223: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry steals washed clothing/baskets/uniforms from other Laundries (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011260: [AI & Behaviour] Common Rooms not being marked as gang potential territories (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010922: [AI & Behaviour] Dogs try to take a different path to their handler; infinite loop (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010919: [AI & Behaviour] When shop removed, good are not placed back to the storage instead just lay there. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011250: [Control & User Interface] Add a way to click on obstructed items/units when they are layered on top of each other (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011253: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners pick contraband through walls (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010951: [Gameplay] Need 2 radios in a 3 prisonners room to increase the room quality. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011210: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners consume prayer mats to change into new uniforms (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011246: [AI & Behaviour] [Escape mode] Guard dogs continue to attack player after the player has been knocked unconscious and skipped punishments (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0005762: [Graphics] Metal Detectors (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011178: [Other] Food Tray Payment (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010900: [Control & User Interface] Grants will sometimes disappear from the To Do List and won't check them as completed (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011237: [AI & Behaviour] Problems with the shop (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010936: [Other] 'Sentenced to...' is quite often incorrect. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010085: [Gameplay] Cannot proceed in campaign (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011234: [AI & Behaviour] No trucks bringing the food (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011221: [Graphics] Prisoners holding items have three hands while handcuffed (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011228: [AI & Behaviour] Adding new parole hearings causes mass spawning of parole officers/teachers/religion officials (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011197: [Control & User Interface] Changing amount of intake causes game to crash (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011222: [AI & Behaviour] Holding cells will not be cleaned unless the room is dezooned (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0011182: [AI & Behaviour] Guard Patrol Assignments not removed when removing guard patrol path (Icepick) - resolved.

Other Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Crash when loading with mods which define a custom room.
  • Family Rooms no longer erroneously display the cell quality too high warning.