Version 2.5

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Vehicle Hijacking[edit]

Certain types of prisoners are now able to hijack trucks on the road. If they are crossing the road and see a truck left idle, they will attempt to get in and drive it off (beating up the poor driver if he happens to be inside at the time). Regular old Road Gates won't stop a speeding truck. Stolen trucks can be stopped either using the new Road Barrier object (a sturdy metal gate that only closes during Lockdown), or by having armed guards nearby to stop any stolen vehicles.

Rope escapes (continued)[edit]

You can now build Barbed Wire on the top of any external walls. Escaping prisoners will try and avoid barbed wire if they can, but will still climb over it if they really want to escape. It's sharp and painful though, and will harm prisoners who try and climb it. Find it in the objects build list.

Tree escapes[edit]

Prisoners will now climb on fully grown trees to jump over an adjacent wall. They can use this to avoid barbed wire, but can be knocked down off of the tree by a nearby guard as with all other climbing.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • 0011627: [Gameplay] Insane temperatures after fire (Icepick)
  • 0011586: [Gameplay] Dog Handler does not stop employees when they carry contraband (Icepick)
  • 0011610: [Performance] Game crashes when receiving minimum and medium security prisoners (Icepick)
  • 0011642: [AI & Behaviour] ZE ROLL CALL!!11!! and dormitories have issues (Icepick)
  • 0011624: [Mod System] Crash in DataRegistry::LuaFindDataRegistry, DataRegistry::LuaSetter (John)
  • Timelapse video recording refactored, crash on shutdown fixed.
  • Script Debugger crash fix.
  • Objects with BuiltOnWalls property (e.g. Windows, Barbed Wire) no longer cast shadows.