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  • Only contains contraband if not secured by using Visitation Booths exclusively and properly.

Prisoners have various family members which are listed in their rap-sheet, however some prisoners may have no family. These family members will occasionally want to visit an inmate from time to time. Once a Visitation room has been created, visitors will start to arrive every day between the hours of 8am to 8pm. Prisoners may also take visits from their lawyer.

Prisoners also appear to use the room to make phone calls during free-time or non-work time. Prisoners will also leave work to visit family.

Visitation is a source of Contraband, it is recommended to have a Metal Detector and Guard Dog in the Visitation Room or to use Visitation Booths, which on the other hand significantly reduce the effectivity of the room.

Regardless of any Regime, visitation time will always be 8 am to 8 pm.

If the Events option is used in the game, the city mayor may demand halting all visitation at random occasions, meaning that all visitation rooms have to be removed.


  • Visitors do not carry any contraband. It will be teleported to the Visitation room. So searching visitors, metal detectors or dog patrols at a visitor entrance will not have any benefit.


  • The Visitation Booth was first featured in the in the Conviction campaign chapter along with a reception for visitors. The Visitation Booth was then added to the Sandbox mode in an update.