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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
12/2020 | The Sneezer
Type: Administrator
Cost: $1,000
Daily Wage: $200
Toughness 5 HP
Other Information:

The warden is one of the most important staff members in any prison, and except for the CEO (which will not appear in the sandbox game), he is in charge. The Warden needs a designated office to be functional (it will take the name "Warden's Office"). He is needed to unlock the Bureaucracy tree, and is therefore essential for keeping your prison running and your prisoners happy. He also unlocks the tab of the regime of the prison so it can be changed. Having a warden also unlocks the available grants in the reports tab, which can be helpful in starting your prison.

You can only hire one warden. The warden can not be directly controlled by the player and only leaves his office for executions.

The warden being killed too often is a Failure Condition in sandbox mode,

Different Wardens[edit]

You are asked to choose which warden you want to have, whenever you start a new prison.


The Warden[edit]

The most balanced individual on the planet, he does his job and nothing else. People just call him The Warden.
The default warden, offers no special abilities.

The Lobbyist[edit]

The Lobbyist has friends in high places, and makes sure the more easily controlled prisoners end up coming his way.
  • Halves the likelihood of receiving prisoners who are Violent, Lethal, Volatile, Deadly or Fighters (See: Prisoner's Traits).


Ruthless and terrifying, Rita has a reputation for running her facilities through judicial application of fear. Rumours of her carrying a whip may be exaggerated.
  • Halves likelihood of prisoners being Stoical or Fearless.
  • Prisoners are suppressed twice as quickly.

J. W. Periwinkle[edit]

Warden Periwinkle says he was a sapper in the war. He never says which war, specifically, but he certainly knows everything about digging tunnels.

The Pacifier[edit]

The Pacifier has an unusual talent for being able to calm even the most violent individuals. Even being in the same room as him is enough to make people docile and compliant.
  • Reduces the overall temperature of your prison, making your inmates less likely to cause trouble.

Saphara Acknova[edit]

Saphara Acknova has a spotless reputation and a squeaky clean record. But behind the scenes, shady deals and under the table offerings are nothing uncommon for her.
  • Gets a small cut of the re-sale value of each piece of contraband found
  • Prisoners found with contraband will be 'fined' directly from their savings. (Note: This registers as a 'Consultancy Fee')

Hawk Hartman[edit]

As a former bailsman, Hartman passes down valuable training techniques to his security staff members.

DR Slugworth[edit]

When all other prisons deny them, Slugworth opens the doors to the worst Criminally Insane inmates out there, believing he can help.
  • Psychiatrist treatments are 20% more positive
  • Increases chances of receiving the psychopathic Criminally Insane

DR Hudson[edit]

Doctor Hudson is prepared to do what no other warden can...
  • Emergency services work 20% faster and arrive earlier
  • Costs for repairs are reduced by 10%