Water Pump Station

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  Water Pump Station
Type: Water Supply
Cost: $5,000
Size: 3x3
Toughness 50 HP
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Power Station.png
Power Station

Objects such as the Sink, Toilet and Showerhead require water. This is provided by building a Water Pump Station, and laying pipes using the Utilities view. Large Pipes are used to for the main waterflow and Small Pipes to connect them to buildings and individual objects. The Water Pump Station must be directly powered by a Power Station for it to be operational.

Small Pipes can carry water for 39 tiles from a Large Pipe before they lose pressure.

Large Pipes can carry water for 761 tiles from a Water Pump Station before they lose pressure. To put this length into perspective, going from one side to another in a large prison map is 200 tiles long, which means adding pipes from one corner to the opposite corner would be slightly less than 400 tiles (actually only about 290).

Unlike electricity, there's not a problem with hooking up more than one pumping station to your system.

When starting a new sandbox game, your delivery zone will already contain a prepaid Water Pump Station, Power Station and a Capacitor among other items, so no need to hold you back placing them in order to save money.

Water pump stations produce a lot of heat which may cause the prisoners nearby to overheat (see Temperature).


A water pipe bursts and floods the area with water. This pipe will be removed from existence and thus, you will need to install a new one.

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