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  • This room must be researched before it can be used.
    (Prison Labour)
  • After researching Prison Labour, prisoners can be assigned to work in this room.

Prisoners can work in the workshop making License Plates and Superior Beds to increase the prison's income.

Sheet Metal is dropped off here and is turned into License Plates which are sold for a profit at midnight. First, the sheet metal is cut into smaller pieces using a Workshop Saw and is then pressed into License Plates using the Workshop Press.

Logs (that can be bought or produced in the Forestry) are dropped off here and are turned into Wood (using a Workshop Saw), which will be sold automatically as long as there is no Carpenter Table. If there is one, wood may be sold manually, or turned into Superior Beds, which again will be sold.

Workshops can be built after Prison Labour has been researched via the Bureaucracy system. Prisoners must complete the Workshop Safety Induction Program before they may work in the Workshop, plus the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program to be able to make beds. They will be working in the workshop during work regime, if enough jobs are assigned there in the Prison Labour view of the Logistics menu.

Capacity[edit | edit source]

The size of your Workshops will determine how many prisoners can work from the room. One job needs 12 m², maximum jobs per room are 100, just like the Kitchen.

Besides, every working prisoner needs a Workshop Saw, Workshop Press or Carpenter Table, all 3 tiles wide with the Carpenter Table being 2 tiles high, and there should be enough Tables to be able to stack the materials needed and produced (which can't be done if they are stored on the floor). When planning your room, keep in mind that except for the storage tables, those objects cannot be rotated, and the Saw and Press can't be placed directly at the South wall of the room.

For the 2 hours qualification courses that are also being taught here by the Foreman, the Workshop Safety Induction and the Carpentry Apprenticeship program, the attending prisoners need up to 10 Workshop Saws or Workshop Presses and up to 5 Carpenter Tables respectively.

Workshop Accidents[edit | edit source]

If the Events option is used, a prisoner may injure himself on the equipment in the workshop any time, and requires medical attention then.

Prisoners injured this way get the "Bleeding" status effect. Get them to a doctor quick!

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Prisoners work position is below in the middle of the machines (if not rotated). You must make sure that prisoners can reach that position otherwise they won't be able to operate the machine.
  • Some users have reported that Sheet Metal is not properly distributed between multiple workshops. Furthermore, at this time it appears that Sheet Metal, Workshop Saw, and Workshop Press are assigned to Prisoners when disassembled, and will sometimes not be moved. Allowing access to a storage room appears to allow Prisoners to move the items, where Workers can pick them up.
  • It is recommended to station/patrol 2-3 guards/Dog handlers there because when prisoners get angry, they may be armed with Hammers which can kill staff in 2-3 hits.
  • There's no need for this room to be indoors (or outdoors) explicitly, you may put it anywhere.
  • As the workshop is a source of weapons, any fight starting there could quickly become very bloody. You may want to restrict which prisoners are able to go (and work) there.
  • Be aware that the workshop is a source of wooden pickaxes, tools for digging underground. These are harder to identify because they cannot be detected by metal detectors or dogs.

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