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  • Minimum Size: 5x5
  • Secure


Used by:


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Other Information:

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The yard is a room which may be built inside or outside. It's the place where the Prisoners can catch some fresh air, exercise or relax. Prisoners needing exercise will jog laps around the perimeter of the Yard or use the Weight Benches. During Yard time in Regime, not all inmates will always Need to exercise, so it's common for many prisoners to simply mill around aimlessly, or seek out a bench to fulfil their comfort need.

As with the Canteen, the Yard can be a hot spot for fights because of the large number of prisoners concentrated in one area. To alleviate this, make the Yard area large enough to allow inmates to spread out and provide different type of objects spaced out at intervals to attract your prisoner's interest.


  • Placing a floor which slows down your prisoners can be good advice, but will slow down your guards too if fights occur.
  • The yard's requirement for being behind 'at least one door' can be fulfilled either by surrounding the yard with a wall, a fence with a door, or surrounding the entire prison complex with a wall or fence.
  • It can be a good idea to place Phone Booths, Shower Heads and toilets in the yard so prisoners can satisfy their family, hygiene, bladder and bowels needs while getting recreation. This also works in places like the Canteen.
  • The game description of the yard says "Let your prisoners see the sun for a few hours a day under the watchful eye of your sniper towers."