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How translation works

All English origin articles have set a language template {{L|Pagename}} in their first line. This template includes a subpage ( Pagename/Lang ) that contains another template called Languages. With this one you can set links to all translations for this page.


  • Room

This is the origin article containing:


  • Room/Lang

Subpage that contains a template with all translation links and the PA-Version:


  • Комнаты

All translated articles must contain the same template as the origin:


The parameter is always the english origin pagename!

Adding translations

Use the link in the language bar to get to the subpage. Here you can add the language ISO-Code.

New Content

If you want to add new informations to any translated page, please add them to the English origin page first. And then translate to your language.
Also add the Translation Needed-Template to all other related translations using the right parameters.