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This room improves security, but is Guard intensive.

The reception room is a dedicated arrival point for prisoners. If a reception exists, they will be taken there by guards when they first arrive off the Prisoner Bus. They will be searched and their clothes will be removed. A guard will then give the prisoners clean clothes that have been washed in an assigned Laundry (if these aren't available, their dirty clothes will be put back on them). After this has happened, the prisoner will be escorted to his cell as normal. If no reception room is in the prison, then they will be taken to Deliveries and will just be taken to their cells (meaning that reception is optional).


  • Reception stops new intake from smuggling contraband into the prison.


  • The Reception Room is much more labour intensive than the original method as prisoners have to be escorted in, then searched, their clothes replaced and then escorted to their cells, whereas they would normally just be taken to their cells. Many guards are needed to handle intake when a Reception is used. The reception room may result in unnecessary searches and not all prisoners come with contraband.