Barbed Wire

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Barbed Wire.png

Metal Detector





Toughness (HP):


Used in:

  • on outer walls and fences

Other Information:

  • Can be stacked by 30
Barbed Wire placed on the Fence and walls

Barbed Wire is an object that can be placed by workmen on the outer walls and fences. It slows down and hurt prisoners who are trying to climb over the walls.
Badly injured prisoners may get unconscious or even die on them. [verification needed]

Escaping prisoners will try to avoid walls and fences with barbed wire and try to get to those without it or look for a better way to escape such as tunneling or destroying jail doors and gates. They also won't try to get over them when guards and snipers are around unless the situation is advantageous (fight or riot nearby, not enough of guards.