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Ferries and boats are a new transport and delivery system, exclusive to Island Bound DLC.

Other Information:

DLC Content

Boats are a mode of transport in the Island Bound DLC. There are 4 types of boats that are able to carry civilians, inmates and supplies to different areas of your prison.

Supply Boat

Inmate Boat

Visitors Boat


The Ferry is a type of boat in the Island Bound DLC. Its purpose is to transport prisoners, staff and even visitors around your prison. It is extremely useful for transporting people between two islands or sections of the same island, with a massive lake in the middle. You need to place down a ferry dock first, and you need to make sure it lines up with another landmass. You only need to place one of these, as the dock adjacent is placed alongside your initial dock. The ferries depart every 30 in-game minutes, and are able to carry, at most 20, at a time. You are able to dismiss the boat any time by clicking it and pressing 'Dismiss Vehicle'. To remove it, you only need to dismantle/dump one of the docks or the ferry itself, and it'll put it all in a box.