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A cell is a basic Room for holding one Prisoner. Obviously, it is one of the key parts of your prison, and you should plan to construct one for each prisoner that comes under your care. A cell is always preferable to a Holding Cell for keeping your prisoners contained, not to mention happy.

An easy way to increase happiness in your prison is by putting a TV in every cell.

If you get many unsatisfied prisoners, make some luxury cells for them. The cells should contain a Toilet, Bed, TV, Bookshelf, Window, Shower and even maybe a Pool Table. This will make sure the prisoner has all his needs in close range, without any other people making trouble.

Cell Block

Cells which are accessible from the same hallway or room are considered to be part of a block. In the Deployment screen, cell blocks may be used instead of individual cells to expedite assignment of Guards and security zones. Be careful how many prisoners you connect with continuous hallways as anger may be passed from one prisoner to the next causing a Riot. Breaking up blocks into smaller chunks with doors is a good way to keep prisoners manageable.


  • In Alpha 13, Cells, Holding Cells and Solitary cells must now be "Enclosed", which means surrounded by walls and doors. There will be no more building tons of open cells in a giant indoor area without any walls separating them.