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Copy and paste existing parts of your prison, or place pre-defined rooms.


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L'onglet "construction" est un menu qui permet au joueur de placer rapidement et facilement des pièces pré-configurées. On y trouve aussi l'outil "clone" qui permet au joueur de dupliquer une pièce déjà existante en sélectionnant une zone.



The clone tool is useful for creating multiple instances of an already existing room or area. Hold down the right mouse button to select an area to clone. Click the left mouse button to build it.

Utilities will not be cloned, and anything built on a foundation must have an existing building in place before it can be built.

Before Version 1.4, cloning had to be researched under maintenance before it could be used.

Basic CellEdit

Size: 2x3 (plus walls)

A simple cell with Brick Walls and Concrete Floor. Contains a bed, a toilet, a lamp and a jail door.

Solitary CellEdit

Size: 1x2 (plus walls)

A small solitary cell surrounded by brick walls and having conrete floor. Contains a solitary door and a toilet.

Luxury CellEdit

Size: 5x3 (plus walls)

A large cell with several luxury items. Surrounded by brick walls and have a concrete floor. Contains a bed, a toilet and a jail door, as well as an Office Desk, a Radio a Drain and a Shower Head, a Chair and a TV.


Size: 4x4 (plus walls)

A simple office. Contains an Office Desk, a Chair, a Filing Cabinet, a lamp and a Staff Door.

Shared CellEdit

Size 3x4 (plus walls)

A simple Dormitory. Contains two Bunk Beds, a toilet, a light and a jail door.