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También llamados atajos del teclado or hot-keys.


Función Tecla Primaria Tecla Secundaria
Mover cámara arriba W Flecha Arriba
Mover cámara abajo S Flecha Abajo
Mover cámara izquierda A Flecha Izquierda
Mover cámara derecha D Flecha Derecha
Arrastrar cámara Mantener rueda del Mouse
Acercar Rueda del mouse hacia arriba Q
Alejar Rueda del Mouse hacia abajo E


Función Tecla Primaria Tecla Secundaria
Poner objeto Click izquierdo
Rotar objeto / Área clonada Click con rueda del mouse R
Cancelar objeto / tarea Botón derecho Esc
Cancelar varios objetos Botón derecho & arrastrar 1
Tarea: Priorizar Ctrl + Click izquierdo
Tarea: No-Priorizar Ctrl + Click derecho
Tarea: Seguir a la unidad trabajando / voltear / Espejar área clonada F
Rotar entre objetos, items etc. en el menú (como el menú de objetos) Z X

1 Mantener el botón derecho del mouse y arrastrar para dibujar una selección que puedas usar para cancelar múltiples objetos. Esto también puede ser utilizado para cancelar tareas, planos de muros, ubicación de materiales y designación de habitaciones.


Function Primary Key Secondary Key
Stop Time Spacebar
Normal Time 1
Fast Time (2x) 2
Fastest Time (5x) 3
Fastest Time (10x) 4

Reports / views

Function Primary Key Secondary Key
Staff Report: Fire Left Click
Staff Report: Find Right Click
Deployment / Logistics: Assign Left Click
Deployment / Logistics: De-Assign Right Click
Close menu C

Escape Mode

Function Primary Key Secondary Key
Move up W Up Arrow
Move down S Down Arrow
Move left A Left Arrow
Move right D Right Arrow
Run/lunge (during fight) Shift
Look around Move Mouse
Attack/Dig Left-click
Toggle Squad Follow Left-click prisoner's name under his profile picture R
Steal contraband Right-click (hold) on item in room
Drop contraband Right-click on item in inventory G
Stash contraband Right-click on object in cell
Wield/hide item 1 Left-click item 1 in inventory 1
Wield/hide item 2 Left-click item 2 in inventory 2
Next Squad Member Click squad member's profile icon E
Previous Squad Member Click squad member's profile icon Q
Surrender (during fight) Space


Function Primary Key Secondary Key
Select Entity / Open Entity Options Left Click
Select multiple entities Left Click & Drag
Cycle Objects On Mouse 2 Tab
Send staff/unit somewhere Right Click
Open door Right Click
Use Firemen Hose H
Enable Screenshot Mode H + Enter3
Take Screen Shot CTRL + P
Scale UI Larger K
Scale UI Smaller + (Plus) +
Buy multiple staff Hold Left Shift 1
Open Main Menu / close current Menu Esc
Activate Guard Response option G

1 This will still buy staff one at a time but at an accelerated rate which is much faster that clicking for each individual member of staff.

2 (when multiple objects are in a single square)

3 You must enable Screenshot Mode in the Game Options

Developer Tools

The developer tools are only available if activated in the beginning of a Sandbox Mode game.

Function Primary Key Secondary Key
Fasten research (if cheats are enabled) Hold right mouse
Open Data Registry Editor (world properties; very easy to crash/ruin the game F1
Open Profiler F2
Open Script Debugger F3
Open Dialog Editor F4
Open Sound Editor F5
Open Sprite Bank Editor for Needs icons F6
Open Sprite Bank Editor for User Interface icons F7
Open Sprite Bank Editor for Game Sprites F8
Debug rendering options F9
Enlarge Map in All Directions F11