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Toughness (HP):


Used in:

Other Information:

Cooks will use the cooker to prepare Food, which is then placed on Serving Tables, ready for prisoners to eat. It is required in all Kitchens, they must be connected directly to a Power Station.


  • Cookers can hold a maximum of two pots/pans for Food preparation, with a max of 10 portions of food.
  • A Serving Table can hold up to 8 pans/pots (2 of same each slot), so if you want to get full capacity, you need 4 cookers for one serving table.
  • Cookers take a lot of power, so if you have many, it is recommended to have a separate Power Station for your Kitchen if you have a large prison.
  • It is recommended to put a power switch and a timed control to only allow electricity 3 hours before the Eat time, to save some power for Workshop Saws.