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Emergency Units

Emergency units can be selected either individually or as a whole group with a special control element on the side of the screen.
For information on the normal prison units, see Staff.

Emergency units are units that can be called out for severe emergencies that the prison staff can't handle. They can be fully controlled by the player and there is a $100 charge to call them out.

Staff Member Role Stats Description
Riot Guard
  • Call: $100
  • Wages: $0
  • Members per team: 6
  • Max teams on site: 3
Riot Police are heavily armored units and can take on multiple prisoners, and prisoners with weapons, with moderate ease.
80px x 80px
Fire Man
  • Call: $100
  • Wages: $0
  • Members per team: 4
  • Max teams on site: 2
Firemen can put out fires around your prison.
80px x 80px
  • Call: $100
  • Wages: $0
  • Members per team: 4
  • Max teams on site: 2
Paramedics will heal injured staff and prisoners and are useful on prisons which are short on doctors.

Emergency Actions

There are currently seven emergency actions that can be used to control various situations in your prison. Since version The Bucket, each emergency action can be toggled for only a certain security sector.

Guard Response

Guard Response is a function that the player can use to direct guards to a specific location in case of an incident, so the player doesn't have to hire extra guards to deal with it.


Lockdown is a feature in the emergency access tab. Lockdown instantly closes all open doors, and instructs guards not to open them unless they're specifically moved by the player. Prisoners with stolen keys can still open doors closed during lockdown,[1] and prisoners without keys will able to smash and destroy doors.

See the lockdown section for workarounds using "Door Mode: Locked Shut". It's unclear if this is buggy or intended behavior. [verification needed]


Bangup will send all willing prisoners immediately back to their cells, allowing for easier control of riots.


Shakedown will immediately search all prisoners and hiding spots in your prison.


Freefire will immediately order every Armed Guard to draw their weapons and fire when a Prisoner misbehaves.

Tunnel Search

Tunnel Search is identical to Shakedown, with the exception of that it only searches every toilet in the prison for any potential Escape Tunnels.

Roll Call

Roll Call will force all prisoners to stand outside their cells. It can be used to find prisoners digging tunnels as they wont appear or will be late. Roll Call can only be used during sleep regimes.

Emergency Events

There are currently 3 Emergency Events that can occur in every game, and there is the optional feature of activating random events.


Riots occur when inmates Needs are unsatisfied for extended periods of time. This causes the Danger level of your prison to pass the level for a riot to start up.


Fire is a devastating emergency event that can potentially destroy your entire prison. One main cause is if water touches your Power Station, which will cause it to explode.


When a Prisoner with an addiction to drugs continues using without intervention, there is a chance he might overdose and begin vomiting while incapacitated on the ground. If a Doctor is not directed to the Prisoner, there's a chance that they could die.

Random events

If the option is activated, several random events like power station or kitchen fires, workshop accidents or prisoner demands may occur.

See Events for more information.


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