Guard Pavilion

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  Guard Pavilion
Cost: $4 000
Size: 3x3
Toughness 1 000 HP
Used in: • Anywhere outdoors
Other Information:
File:Guard pavilion 2.gif
Armed Guard assigned to the pavilion, patrolling area

Guard pavilions are a tower-like building, similar to guard towers that can be manned by your guards and armed guards. It's only available to those who created and logged in to their Paradox Account in the launcher.

More information about creating an account and logging in can be found here.

Guard Pavilion comes in two versions: a normal one and corner. It allows you to assign one regular or one armed guards per pavilion, via Deployment menu, exactly the same way as when you assign them to rooms. Assigned guards will start patrolling on it automatically, as soon as they arrive.