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Template:Room infobox A room for preparing food to be eaten at the canteen. Kitchens are staffed by cooks. The greater your inmate population, the more fridges, cookers and cooks you will require to keep up with demand.


  • The kitchen should be near the canteen and your loading zone or storage room to avoid long walks.
  • Keep your kitchen secure, as inmates will try to fetch knives from it.
  • As of Alpha 9, Players can assign inmates to do "Jobs" in kitchens, as well as other areas of the prison.
  • Prisoners assigned to a kitchen for work can be sent for ingredients from the delivery area, located initially outside the prison fence/walls. Such prisoners often make a break for it once they have cleared the prison itself.
  • It is prudent to designate the kitchen a staff only area, if you have unlocked "Deployment" via Bureaucracy. This will prevent theft of tools/contraband, the potential escape of prisoners assigned to work there and also will prevent an optional route around any Metal Detectors you have installed at the canteen. However, keep in mind that prisoners cannot work at a kitchen marked as staff only.

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